Walmart Wins for the Wrong Reason

In a 5-4 decision the Supreme Court reversed a lower courts massive class action suit allowing as many as 1.5 million female workers to sue the nation’s biggest private employer for back pay and punitive damages that could have totaled billions of dollars.Some say that’s all well and good for Walmart, but the Duke vs. Walmart class action suit should have never made its way into any courtroom.

It’s more about property rights than anything else said King Allan, host of the broadcasting from Palm Beach, Florida on WBZT radio. “Who owns the business, Walmart or the Government,” asks King Allan. According to the King, owners of property should be the only ones making operation decisions. ” If employees are unhappy with corporate policies, they should seek employment elsewhere, or because this is America… Start their own business, then institute policies that best fit them,” King Allan went on to say.

Walmart is pleased with the courts opinion and feel the claim was unjust because of the strong non-discrimination policies already in place. Executive Vice President of People, Walmart U.S. Gisel Ruiz said “Walmart is working hard to ensure more women are represented in our management ranks.” Walmart representatives say they continue to have a strong record of advancement of women and seek better ways of improving employee relationships.

“Even Walmart missed it… Who owns your business?” King Allan reiterated.

Should government policies micro-manage businesses?

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