The Great American Experiment…

The American concept isn’t new… It simply changed the formula on the oldest from of dictatorship, a King. It’s good to be the King isn’t it? Slaves hate slavery, not the slave owners. In reality all American Citizens are Kings… Without subjects of course but none the less, Kings. Our Supreme Court deemed in Lansing vs. Smith in 1929 that citizens have all the rights and privileges of a King, so long as we do not interfere with another King doing the same.

So. What’s the good of being a King if you can’t boss people around? The benefits of being Kingly is that every other King knows they are Kings too, and not one, not even another King can interfere with a King. Therefore then you can walk down the road without worry of being killed for your possessions or someone else’s pleasure. Why isn’t that working today?

Your Government can’t rule over you if you are ruler of yourself. Nothing in the Constitution says it’s the government responsibility to protect each and every citizen personally… The Country, it says protect the COUNTRY, ergo the borders from foreign invaders. There’s nothing more to it than that. I need not write another word… It becomes ineffable.