Are we a nation of laws or emotions? We better figure that our fast, if not we are destine for defeat. Emotions vary from moment to moment, and sometimes second to second. With emotion comes inconsistency, which leads to rebellion. For decades we have heard the cry of equality, only to be diverted down the road of ambiguity where “everyone is equal.” They leave out the most important part of the definition… Equal in the eyes of the law, not equal in prosperity. Most, if not all Liberals believe everyone have the same house, car, clothing and status? That, by the way the result of Communism. Everyone is the same. What they don’t tell you is under the socialist system everyone is equally poor and destitute.

That’s not exactly what the founders wanted, but they left it up to us through the amendment process. We changed however, but not for the good of society. We changed society through emotions to whatever feels good. I like him, I don’t like her… He can stay, she has to go. When my emotion is used to judge, logical decisions are lost. A heroin addict knows damn well what they’re doing is wrong, and does it anyway because they are emotionally wrecked.

That causes stress, and the stress is why they do what they do. There’s only two occasions when we have stress… When we don’t do what we’re supposed to do, and when we do what we’re not supposed to do. Thus I contend knowledge is the main cause of all stress.