The term “Racism” evolved over years of improper labeling and ambiguous language. Throw in a pinch of victimization and you have a whole new class of helplessness running on a full tank of happenstance. The common folk didn’t propagate this new class of losers, their leaders did.
In December of 1865, enslaved people were granted freedom, there are several other descriptive words historians love to use, but freedom is the foundation of all their adjectives. Those so called leaders were traveling along the path of assimilation, where no black man has gone before, and since there weren’t any rules or guidelines to show the way, they stumbled. Their attempt to assimilate did not return their predetermined results. No matter how hard they pushed and pulled, the door was not opened unto them. What were they doing wrong? Nothing really. No doubt there were plenty of folks in 1865 who saw the black man as uneducated, crude and unclean. Of course… (in their eyes) What else could they have been? They were once slaves. That generation will never be changed. But just to be clear, Judging someone to be uneducated, crude and unclean doesn’t invoke hatred. Distasteful, uncomfortable feelings and emotions doesn’t constitute hatred either.
OK. Anyone born in 1847 would be 18 in December 1865. Average life expectancy according to the 1850 census was 40.1. So in 1887 anyone who was an adult when slavery ended is dead today. In 1887 the average life span was 42.5, so in 1929 we are two generations past the civil war’s end. In 1929 life got longer, right up to 59.12 which brings us up to 1988. Three generations of hatred gone. There’s no way that type of hatred can be passed down three generations. Want proof? The Civil Rights Act of 1964. Who didn’t vote for that? The Democrats, not one. Look it up. In 1933 President Roosevelt enacted the Social Security program which eligible citizens could collect at age 65 when at the time the average lifespan was 59.6.
So what was it? By 1988, (3 generations past) education was in full motion; forced busing and integration, in school nurses, lunch, breakfast and guidance programs, midnight basketball and eventually no child left behind; sensitivity training and safe spaces… Education isn’t the problem, unless you are one of many who elected not to participate. By-the-way, non-participation doesn’t make you uneducated, it makes you responsible for your own life. Wisdom isn’t a by-product of education. December of 1988, Jessie Jackson and his ilk decided it was time to remove the words Negro and Black as a description of “his people” and change it to African-American, placing the word African before or above American. It’s plain to see where Rev. Jackson places his loyalty.
Cleanliness in 1865 was a problem for just about anybody who didn’t have a waterfall next to their house. However as society moved toward a cleaner place, unclean people simply made clean places dirty. Running water in the house didn’t arrive until the 1930’s. So, bath-time was a Saturday night tub ritual which prepared you for Sunday Morning Meeting, and dinner on the ground with the girl of your eye. There’s a reason the average lifespan is increasing, and cleanliness ranks highest on the list… So hygiene isn’t a problem? Damn straight it’s a problem. Clean people do not want to associate or be next to dirty people. For fear it will rub off? Exactly! THAT’S NOT BEING RACIST, that’s being clean. Freedom cuts both ways as does most everything in life. If you’re going to be slow better bring lots of band-aids and duct tape.
In the simplest terms, assimilation means to blend in, become a part of… Similar. So in order for that to work, former slaves must become like the rest of the country.

So, What about manors, rudeness and class? Just because you’re an American Citizen on paper doesn’t mean you are an American at heart. There must be assimilation to further American ideals and traditions. It’s those American and ideals traditions which produce and maintain progress. Traditions. That’s what’s really on the chopping block. They resist assimilation because they don’t care for American Traditions… They just want the milk and honey. Imagine that! It’s akin to food lines during the depression. Food was desired, but having to pray before it was simply unjustified in the recipients eyes. “Just give me the food!!!”
We hated Kings so much, all kingly language had to be removed. Everyone felt better knowing “Kings” were a thing of the past. One little problem arose from that theory. We, American Citizens ARE Kings. Kings without subjects. The later statement is the key, without subjects. Why be a King if you don’t have subjects to boss around? American Kings have ONE subject… Our self. Removing “Kings” from society took us out without anyone missing it. Now whose in charge of you… The Government? Keep removing history and the Rights Granted By The Creator will be a forgotten entity. When that happens we will all be slaves!