Wait a minute Mr. Postman

It’s simple math, maybe too simple. Democrats look at a line item and they see a job with a golden benefit package. Republicans see a line item as a cost to the taxpayer. Libertarians wonder why we even have a postal service. NO POST OFFICE!!! What’s wrong with you? Here’s a Democrats favorite saying… Times are a changing, you have to adapt. That statement works great for the Dems, if it advances their cause, but what about reality? We have e-mail, the internet and thousands of channels on the world wide web. Fed-X, UPS, DHL and now Uber deliver millions of packages everyday. Once again it’s the private sector verses the Government. Here’s an idea. Dismantle the US postal service. Who needs them? FIRST thing to go… STOP home delivery. What about the elderly and those not capable of traveling to the post office to collect their mail? Hire a neighborhood kid to pickup your mail. Remember when kids used to cut your lawn, or carry off junk. There’s no minimum wage or EEOC regulations to be concerned with. Hire a kid. What a concept. Besides, the insurance, gas, tires, vehicle maintenance and truck parts, drivers and elaborate retirement packages make the postal service to expensive. After accounting for a $5.8 billion retiree health benefit prefunding obligation, the U.S. Postal Service posted a net loss of approximately $5.6 billion for fiscal year 2016, as compared to a $5.1 billion net loss for the year ended September 30, 2015. Why would anyone run an unprofitable business? Why would anybody hire a person who can’t earn a profit? Or not fire a person who keeps failing. But of course if it’s a government job, failure is accepted. (I really didn’t want to use that last job statement, but what?)